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                        Current position:Home > About us > Development History

                        Development History

                            Jul.2004 Smarty [HZ] Information Electronics Co.,Ltd was Founded

                            Apr.2005 ISO9001 and ISO14001 system approved by DNV (Det Norske Veritas)

                            Apr.2006 “Foreign Investment Product Export Certificate” awarded

                            Sep.2006 Started mass production of mobile phone PCB, become mobile

                        motherboard communications industry qualified supplier

                            Sep.2007 “Capital and Technology Intense corporate Certificate” awarded by Chinese Technology Ministry.

                            Apr.2008 Hard disk drive storage video products started mass production and through the TUV CE, CB certificate

                            Dec.2008 Awarded "National Hi-tech Enterprise Certification"

                            May.2009 Telecommunications terminal equipment motherboard started mass production

                            Feb.2011 Foryou Smarty Electronics Co., Ltd. moved in Foryou Industrial Park

                            Jun.2013 Began to provide factory standard car rear view camera to China Faw Group Corporation.

                            Oct.2014 TS16949 system approved by DNV (Det Norske Veritas)

                            Oct.2014 Start to provide factory standard DVR to OEMs.

                        FORYOU SMARTY(HUIZHOU)ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD    Addr:Dongjiang Hi-tech Industry Park,Huizhou,Guangdong province

                        Tel::0752-3899686 0752-2866999 Fax:0752-3899696 0752-2866998 E-mail:smartysales@foryougroup.com