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                        Research and Development

                             Foryou Smarty(HUIZHOU)Electronics Co.,Ltd located in Huizhou Dongxiang high-tech industrial park Foryou industrial district, The company pays attention to the core technology innovation ability; Smarty has several hundreds of reaserch and development staffs providing product solutions for lots of customers. Wer make sure our products are the high quality and in a reasonable price. Our professional and desire for perfection will bring you wonderful purchasing experience.


                        FORYOU SMARTY(HUIZHOU)ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD    Addr:Dongjiang Hi-tech Industry Park,Huizhou,Guangdong province

                        Tel::0752-3899686 0752-2866999 Fax:0752-3899696 0752-2866998 E-mail:smartysales@foryougroup.com