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                        Technical Support

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                        | Car Camera | Driving Recorder |

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                        Product Name Enter Time Click And Find Out The Drivers
                         Megapixel car rear view camera 2016/10/27
                         OEM Panoramic Camera-A 2016/10/18
                         FHD-400G 2015/9/15
                         car factory standard camera-A 2015/9/15
                         Adjustable Type 2015/9/15
                         Concealed Car DVR-B 2015/9/15
                         Concealed Car DVR-A 2015/9/15
                         car factory standard camera-B 2015/9/15
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                        Service Tel:0752-3899663
                        Service Mobile:18676083210
                        Service Time:From Friday To Saturday( Except holiday):8:30~17:30
                        Service Email:Smarty_Service@foryougroup.com

                        FORYOU SMARTY(HUIZHOU)ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD    Addr:Dongjiang Hi-tech Industry Park,Huizhou,Guangdong province

                        Tel::0752-3899686 0752-2866999 Fax:0752-3899696 0752-2866998 E-mail:smartysales@foryougroup.com